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單位名稱 英國豪邁國際有限公司上海代表處
主題 英國豪邁綠色未來項目 招聘截止日期 2021-07-05
應聘網址 ww***.cn[點擊查看] 簡歷投遞郵箱 kelly.zhou@



需求人數: 6                           



英國豪邁(ww***.cn[點擊查看]) 是一家致力于生命安全技術的全球性集團。我們的創新產品和解決方案可應用于當今世界面臨的諸多關鍵問題。我們的宗旨是:每一天都致力于為每個人創造一個更安全、更清潔、更健康的未來,由此定義了我們經營的三大市場領域:







在豪邁集團,我們每天都在積極地解決這些挑戰——我們的環境與分析(E&A)事業部提供監控和保護環境的技術,確保生命關鍵資源的質量和可用性。但這還不夠——我們的觀點是,中國不僅是一個有吸引力的市場,而且正在迅速成為可持續發展領域的領導者。 豪邁集團希望能夠參與其中,助力中國環境保護和可持續發展。

現在,我們希望與你一起探索其中所蘊含的機遇。本項目的目標是通過一系列的 “機會沖刺” ,結合最具價值的思維,廣泛掃描和綜合市場情報和見解,探索中國環境問題、機遇和技術/解決方案。隨后,我們將共同制定一份戰略文件,向豪邁集團的最高管理團隊匯報具體的環境問題和在中國的機遇。你的工作成果將有可能成為有機增長和/或并購決策對話的重要切入點。同時,基于你的工作成果,隨后我們將進行詳細的市場規模、競爭格局和公司研究。




-      通過日常工作獲得來自高級管理層的培訓和關注;

-      獨一無二的學習豪邁集團成功秘籍的機會;

-      表現最佳者將有可能獲得正式工作機會;

-      完成目標后將會獲得競爭性獎金;

-      獲得實習認證,表現超出預期者還有機會獲得推薦信。


75日 項目啟動

719日 回顧先期結果

82日 中期回顧

825日 最終結果呈現


1.     專業要求,包括但不限于:環境相關專業,建筑設計或城市規劃,市場營銷,經濟相關專業,信息技術,數學、統計、分析類專業,法律專業以及工程類相關專業

2.     學歷要求:碩士、MBA及以上學歷

3.     技能要求:優秀的分析和溝通技能,良好的中英文表達能力,具有咨詢相關經驗者優先。


Project Viridis

Company name: Halma

Intern wanted: 6

Location: Shanghai preferred but open to high-caliber candidates in other locations

Company overview

Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies. Our companies provide innovative solutions to many of the key problems facing the world today. Our purpose drives every business decision we make, and ensures we are working towards it every day. It defines the three broad market areas where we operate:

- Safety: protecting life as populations grow and urbanize and protecting the lives of workers

- Environmental & Analysis: improving food and water quality, and monitoring air pollution

- Medical: meeting rising healthcare demand as growing populations age and lifestyles change

We employ over 7,000 people in 20 countries, with major operations in the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific. Halma is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has been a member of the FTSE 100 index since December 2017.

Business case and objective

Air, water and soil are life.  These are the fundamental resources quenching our thirst, growing our crops and powering our economy.  China, the most populous country in the world, is environmentally stressed in all three. Rampant pollution from decades of rapid development only further intensifies the problem.  These resources are also vulnerable to climate change.  For instance, the Yellow & Yangtze Rivers flow from the Himalayan Hindu Kush, where climate change impact is evident – often known as the Third Pole, the region is experiencing accelerated glacier and snow melt similar to the North and South Poles. 

At Halma, we are actively solving these challenges every day – our Environmental & Analysis (E&A) Sector provides technologies that monitor and protect the environment and ensure the quality and availability of life-critical resources.  But that’s not enough – our view is that beyond being an attractive market, China is rapidly becoming a leader in sustainability, well supported by application know-hows in IoT sensor as an example.  We want to understand the broader sets of “China for China” and “China for the World” opportunities and we would like to partner with you to do that.

In this project, we will work together to produce a strategy paper informing the C-suite executives at Halma of specific environmental issues and opportunities in China.  Your work will form an important entry point for dialogues around organic growth and/or M&A decisions.  We aim to do this via a serially run “Opportunity Sprints” using an agile MVP mindset by scanning broadly and synthesizing the right amount of market intelligence and insights.  The study should be clear and easy to follow, with balanced perspectives and salient points supported by evidences.


·         July 5 Kick off

·         July 19 Review initial results

·         Aug 2 Mid-term review

·         Aug 25 Final presentation

Hiring requirements

1.       Major: including but not limited to Sustainability & Environmental Engineering, Architecture & Urban Design, Marketing, Macro-finance & Economics, Informatics & Analytics, Law & Political Science and STEM.

2.       Degree: Masters, MBA or above

3.       Expectations: organize and conduct expert calls; gather market insights through desktop research; consult internal stakeholders/experts for perspectives and in-house knowledge; synthesize and present findings to project leader

4.       Desired skills: Strong analytical and communication skills; fluent in English and Chinese; prior consulting experience is a plus.


·         Visibility to and personal coaching from senior executives on a daily basis

·         Exclusive learning access to the “secret sauce” that made Halma successful.

·         Consideration for a full-time offer for the highest performing candidates

·         Competitive bonus upon meeting the Project objectives.

·         Internship certificate & recommendation letter if exceed expectations.

Join us to create a safer, cleaner, healthier future together!


職位(1): 英國豪邁綠色未來項目
需求人數 8(8) 工作類型 實習 工作所在省份 上海市 工作所在市 市轄區
職位類別1 21-經濟業務人員 職位類別2 年薪(萬元) 面議
職位描述 空氣、水和土壤是基本資源,也是我們賴以生存和發展不可或缺的基本要素。作為世界上人口最多的國家,幾十年的快速發展帶來的這三個方面的環境問題,讓中國面臨著壓力和挑戰。同時,這些資源受到氣候變化而形成的影響,也亟需我們的關注和解決。 在豪邁集團,我們每天都在積極地解決這些挑戰——我們的環境與分析(E&A)事業部提供監控和保護環境的技術,確保生命關鍵資源的質量和可用性。但這還不夠——我們的觀點是,中國不僅是一個有吸引力的市場,而且正在迅速成為可持續發展領域的領導者。 豪邁集團希望能夠參與其中,助力中國環境保護和可持續發展。 現在,我們希望與你一起探索其中所蘊含的機遇。本項目的目標是通過一系列的 “機會沖刺” ,結合最具價值的思維,廣泛掃描和綜合市場情報和見解,探索中國環境問題、機遇和技術/解決方案。隨后,我們將共同制定一份戰略文件,向豪邁集團的最高管理團隊匯報具體的環境問題和在中國的機遇。你的工作成果將有可能成為有機增長和/或并購決策對話的重要切入點。同時,基于你的工作成果,隨后我們將進行詳細的市場規模、競爭格局和公司研究。
生源地要求 不限 性別要求 不限 外語語種要求  
學歷 專業
博士畢業 不限    
碩士畢業 不限    

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